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Manual Lamore quando cera (Libellule) (Italian Edition)

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Oh My! When I do a portrait of someone, I want to grab some feelings from this person. Sometimes when I look at them, I think I am looking at myself.

Eugenio Montale-Collected Poems, 1920-1954 Revised Bilingual Edition(2000)

We shoot until I grab that feeling from them. With a portrait, it is the same thing. What I am trying to say is that I work with them on creating a feeling that I am aware of and at the same time not aware of. I am trying to tell a story. The stage is set and I tell them about the story. We meet and talk about how they are going to be dressed, where this is going to happen, how I want the make-up, the hair, the feeling.

We are creating a moment. I am interested in grabbing that moment and grabbing that feeling, showing a part of them and their souls that they are not aware of yet — more than trying to understand them, really. I work unconsciously a lot. I am not there, even when I am working with them.

I feel like I am somewhere else. Sometimes, when I am working with someone like Catherine Deneuve, I totally forget who she is. I feel that I am very connected to the Mediterranean. I feel at home if you put me by that sea — be it in Athens, Italy, Egypt or wherever. I just feel connected to that part of the world. My father is half Lebanese and half Greek and my mom is Egyptian. I feel that there is definitely something about this part of the world that pulled me back to create over there, talk about and portray its people.

I wanted to talk about the idea of the Mediterranean veil.

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The Virgin Mary has one, as do so many Renaissance paintings. In many portraits you also find them. It has always been a part of this region, without being a sign of separation between men and women. You're about to release your video with actress Salma Hayek. Please tell us about it. So, I am going back and forth to London for post-production.

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