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Tudor era; Ottoman Empire, , Bedouin princess tries to escape slave market, taken to Prince's harem. Regency; , old flame, poor relation, former servant now self-made man, linked to Three Soldiers series. Western; El Dorado, Kansas , the marshal and woman who had a passionate encounter meet again. Medieval; laird's wife tries to stop him arranging more marriages, Scotland , Medieval-MacLerie 3.

Forthcoming historical novels for 12222

Stuart; Scotland , man saves woman from trial for witchcraft and takes her as his mistress, Hot Scottish Knights 1. Stuart; Scotland , King commands courtier to kill a cruel laird and wed his widow, Hot Scottish Knights 2. Regency; England , lovers still drawn to each other three years after tryst, May Day Mischief 2. Western; Denver, Colorado , ex-con comes to claim his daughter from her aunt, Charity House 6. Western; s Montana Territory, man marries bereaved woman to get wet nurse for half-Sioux niece, Dry Creek 1.

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But in nursing an injured man back to health, Nancy uncovers a deep Ruined by a rake Rescued by the reclusive baron! But when he happens upon an innocent lady being assaulted, his sense of honor insists he step in and rescue her Alone in the dirt, her ankle in agony, the last person Molly Morgan wants to come to her rescue is the handsome yet infuriating Beau Russington.

Anne Mallory - Böcker | Bokus bokhandel

Molly does he Beneath that puritanical dress she was quite beautiful Viscount Gilmorton had never seduced a woman before but, as the only way to avenge himself on her deceitful brother, he was prepared to disgrace the buttoned-up Deborah Meltham. He was p But, when made to believe Max could not be trusted, she fled… Now, Max is back in England to tak Forced to run, he has lived as a fugitive ever since, doing anything to survive.

But now the revelation that Now widowed, disillusioned and stranded in France, all she wants is to return to England, beg forgiveness of her family and forget abou So when he visits Diana Grensham, governess and joint guardian to his wards, and asks her to vacate his property, he is stunned when she But Richard doesn't care -- until he meets the heiress's charming chaperon and the stake In a time of war… Mary Endacott has no intention of ever surrendering to a man, especially when she meets stubborn yet infuriatingly handsome Lord Randall!

But with a major battle fast approaching, normal rules dissolve, and Mary gives herself Flirting with danger! Ten years ago, Drew Castlemain fled England, disowned by his family and branded a traitor.

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So returning to escort his new ward, Elyse Salforde, to her husband-to-be is not only frustrating, it's downright dangerous! Attracted to danger He has sworn to right the wrongs of the past, but danger lurks around every Stunned, Gideon resolves to seek an annulment at the earliest opportunit His body might be whole and still handsome, but as he returns to the burned-out shell of what was once his family mans A diamond worth thousands against a night with me? In sedate Bath on a family err A hero of Trafalgar, he is now an entrepreneur, rich beyond imagination. Yet all the money in the world can't erase the scandal and shame of his birth. Since childho After being shamelessly seduced by a married man, Zelah Pentewan finds her reputation is in tatters.

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Determined to rise above the gossip-mongers, Zelah knows she can rely on no one but herself Serena "Sally" Coale would rather submit to a loveless marriage than endure one more day under the tyrannical rule of her father. But the last person she expects to encounter on her elopement journey is Ben Hensley--a man who has every reason to hate