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Hell & Israel: Après Lavrov le deluge

North Korea has thousands of underground and undersea military facilities that American bombs and missiles would not find. A conventional U. Where, then, is the Trump from a year ago?

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I would have no problem speaking to him"? As we well know, there are many Donald Trumps. Well, that's the one we need now. Instead we have sabre-rattling Trump, along with Vice President Pence and others on the national-security squad. The two governments have much to talk about.

Alas, as long as we're stuck with the Westphalian system, we must make the best of it. First things first. And by first, I mean peace. Yes, Kim, like his father and grandfather before him, is a tyrant. But when has that ever stopped an American president from dealing with—and often befriending—a ruler? American presidents have allied with some of the most ruthless heads of states of the 20th century.

Trump recently entertained a tyrant—al-Sisi of Egypt—at the White House, praising him profusely. Then he called the head of Turkey—Erdogan—to congratulate him on expanding his autocratic powers through the ballot box. Nixon went to meet Mao Zedong, one of the great mass murderers in history, to open normal relations with what we once called Red China.

Kim and North Korea, therefore, are not unique in that respect. But they are unique in another way. The U. Air Force obliterated the country through carpet bombing after Truman decided atomic bombs were not practical, in contrast to Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, a few years earlier. The bombing and shooting stopped with an armistice, but no peace treaty was ever signed to formally end the war.

For decades, the North Korean government has sought that treaty and a nonaggression pact with the U. First, a little more background.

But North Korea refused to give the IAEA access to information and suspected sites, so the agency found North Korea in noncompliance with its NPT agreement in on suspicion that it held undeclared plutonium. North Korea then announced plans to leave the NPT. Things looked bleak until North Korea asked to meet with the U. North Korea eventually agreed. In turn the administration called off annual war games with South Korea—North Korea had insisted on that—and began negotiations.

Under the resulting "Agreed Framework," North Korea would convert its nuclear industry from heavy- to light-water reactors for power generation. In the meantime the U. In addition the governments would normalize political and economic relations, and the U. All of this was most promising. North Korean froze its plutonium program beyond Clinton's tenure, until , and the administration, writes historian Bruce Cumings, "in October , had indirectly worked out a deal to buy all of its medium- and long-range missiles.

The rebuttal, of course, is that the purpose of national security is not to be even-handed with one's opponents and enemies; it is to make sure that sane, rational countries, and particularly countries friendly to one's own nation, have the advantage.

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To do otherwise, to encourage every hostile nation ruled by an unpredictable joker like the young Kim in North Korea, or like the ayatollahs in Iran, would be foolish. How about giving the Nazis the results of our nuclear weapons research? Should we have given the Soviet Union, and Saddam's Iraq, our stealth aircraft technology in the 's and 90's? Would it have been right to do so? To make dictators and tyrants stronger, and more able to resist international pressure?

(PDF) Northkorea hand book | yuanfei wang -

If you have the cash there is a company that will turn one into a nice condo for you. If they want to come inspect rusting holes the ones that haven't been sold in the ground they are most welcome. If it is a sattelite, lets see how long it takes to lose communications after it flys over US territory. Every sovereign country has the right to launch a satellite into space. Korea is no exception.

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  • What's all the hype is about? Let them launch their satellite and spy on their Southern neighbours. The world has double standards for everything.

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    • Korea is deprived of that right? I think we need to balance out the world a little bit through introduction of more nations to the space and nuclear race. That'll even out the odds. When there is no superior power arguably in the case of nations which have no one above them judicially , then the right is that of the stronger. One can try to obtain an advantage, but usually this is done over many decades and secretly so as not to provoke a response. NK is pretty good at the game. Alex, do you really think a nation North Korea hardly bothered to feed all its citizens interested for peaceful exploitation of space?

      I dont fear the man with a thousand warheads, i fear the man with one North Korea wouldn't need to exercise this ability if peace was on their plate. Hey Karl, nice paraphase from the movie The Peacemaker. Julia Kelly's comment was, "I'm not afraid of the man who wants 10 nuclear weapons I'm terrified of the man who only wants one. They can launch satellites. They have that right. They once signed on to the NPT, but then backed out. So we can debate whether they have a right to nuclear weapons development,. You wrote that every sovreign country has a right to launch a satellite into space.

      Where do these rights come from?

      Not from international law. Not from international agreement. Not from the bible or other religious book that I'm aware of. Where do the "rights" come from? Or have you just made them up? Proof positive that nuclear blackmail works. Write your congressman and threaten his job if he allows U. S tax dollars to feed the N. Diplomacy be damned, It hasn't gotten us anywhere in the last decade.

      Taking Out North Korea's Super Missile : (The Axis of Evil & West Coast 11/26)

      I agree, but we should do the same with Israel as well. Israel needs to defend itself from terrorist nations like Iran and Syria. There is no moral equivalence between Israel having nuke to defend itself and Iran having nukes to threaten other countries. The really serious issue is how much of this N. Korean learning curve is being sold to Iran? Probably lots of it. Iran is probably financing a lot of this stuff. Korea and Iran are like to peas in a pod: That program was discontinued or became classified, no longer admitted publicly.. China needs to help North Korea change it's economy to manufacturing something like cars or something the North can sell to the world This is the first, and last time I will be on here.