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You can create a shoe to match every outfit.

Treasures From The Heart & All Occasion Gift Baskets in Hainesport, NJ -

They are priceless yet affordable! Treasures From The Heart is located at:. Stop in for your own pair of Switch-Flops and a gift for that special friend or family member. It is ideal for all those last-minute presents as well as carefully planned treasures!!!

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Plus, the service does not get any more friendly or accommodating. Jeanne and Joshua Jordan are the best in the business!!!

Do you not have a web site to shop from? I was in your shop last week and found a couple items I would like to buy.

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Unable to find a link to order from you. Lovely little store with so many fun, unique items. Knorr, when commenting on one victory in the U. If the publisher had not kept on in the field, there would not be any cases in the Supreme Court; but it is because you, the publisher, the brothers all over the world, keep on and will not quit that the defeat of persecution is brought about.

Yes, our love for the ministry can defeat persecution. What is your determination with regard to your ministry?

Consider another treasure from God. Jehovah is the God of truth. From the time that we first heard the truth, we have had the opportunity to collect truths from his Word, the Bible, from our Christian publications, and from our conventions, assemblies, and weekly meetings. Read Matthew Read Proverbs How do we do that?

If you would find it you must be ever on the lookout. If you would possess it you must stoop to get it. Be not content with one flower of truth. Gather ever, seek for more.

Treasures From the Heart Thrift Store

What do such precious truths include? We learned that Jehovah is our Creator and Life-Giver and that he has a purpose for mankind. We also learned that God lovingly provided the ransom sacrifice of his Son so that we might be freed from sin and death.

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What do we need to do when we receive an adjusted understanding of a truth? When such new understandings are provided, we ought to take time to study the information carefully and meditate on it. In this way, we are certain to place the new truth securely in our own treasure store. Why are such efforts worthwhile?

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Consider the experience of a brother named Peter. In he was 19 years old and had recently begun serving at Bethel in Britain. While preaching from door to door, he met a bearded middle-aged man. Peter asked the man if he would like to understand the Bible. Somewhat shocked, the man responded that this was a house of Jewish rabbis. Whether you're looking to donate or you're looking for help all you have to do is add Treasures from the heart on Facebook. What are some of the things that you can donate you might ask?

All personal hygiene products, things in bulk like garbage bags, tissues, toilet paper or paper towel. Products for babies like soap, detergents, clothes and diapers. You can also donate other things as well like beds or dressers or appliances, clothes, shoes or other household items.